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XIAOMI HUOHOU Composite Stainless Steel K-nife Set with K infe Holder 5PCS  specification :

Blade Material
Chopping Bone K-nife – 50Cr15MoV
Slicing K-nife – Three-layer composite Steel
Chef K-nife –  3-layer Composite Steel
Universal K-nife – 3-layer Composite Steel
K-nife Holder Material Solid Wood
Color Black + Silver
Packing Weight About 3.8KG
Size As Picture Shows

Package Includes :
Chopping Bone K-nife
Slicing K-nife
Chef K-nife
Universal K-nife

– Three-layer Composite Steel 
The main material (except for the chopping bone k nive with limited product function) is made of three-layer steel which is specially the material of high-grade Japanese cutter. The middle layer is made of 102Cr17Mo (9Cr18Mo) high-hardness steel core with hardness up to HRC58±2. Sharpness is better than ordinary. The kitchen k nife is even higher. The outer layer is 10Cr17 low carbon stainless steel, which has good rust resistance and high regrind.

– Precious Ebony Handle
Produced in the rainforest, ebony is a very rare wood with a dense structure, high hardness and a very solid hand. After 1500 mesh fine sanding, very smooth

– Manual Waterjet Technology For Sharpening 
Manual Waterjet Technology For Sharpening is a very traditional making process.It combines the strength of sanding material with the flexibility of water. It is polished and rinsed. After rough grinding, slow grinding and fine grinding, HUOHOU steel cutter Will become slender and sharp
– Precision Seamless Welding 
Using precision laser seamless welding technology, after 5 times matte polishing, 9 times mirror polishing, the blade body and the tool holder are integrated into one, naturally no trace, more firm, anti-fouling

– Innovative Double Slanting Holder 
Solid wood rubber holder, tilted at both ends, solid at the bottom, after 13° tilt test, will not fall