Electric Toothbrush Oclean Z1 Gearbest Flash Sale Promo

$33.99 $44.92 -24%

The Oclean brand, specializing in electric toothbrushes, offers its connected model Z1 at a price of 33.99 USD on the Gearbest website!

The Oclean Z1 electric and connected toothbrush has a single button to turn the device on or off, as well as an LED indicator for the battery level. The latter, thanks to its magnetic charging base, is fully charged in 2 hours for an announced autonomy of 30 days.

It has 32 levels of brushing intensity with 3 modes (cleaning, whitening and massage), as well as a frequency of 4000 rpm with a twisting force up to 220 gf.cm. It also has an IPX7 certification. Thanks to its dedicated application, the Oclean Z1 analyzes your brushing and creates your own personalized program. You can thus consult your results on the application (pressure exerted, brushing time, brushed area, etc.).

  • Flash Sale price : $33.99
  • Regular price : $44.92
  • Your save : $10.93
  • Available colors : White , Pink
  • Product rating : 4.95/5 (44 Reviews)