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Specifications: Tronxy X1 3D Printer

Limit switch,Flat screwdriver,Hex. Wrenches,12V 5A adaptor,Fiberglass board,Base Frame (Acrylic) ,DC power jack,Cross screwdriver,Binder Clips,Bed Frame (Acrylic),Printing Bed Plate (Acrylic),Electronic box top plate (acrylic),Electronic box Back plate (acrylic),Electronic box front plate (acrylic),Electronic box side plate (acrylic),Card reader & Micaro SD card,X-motor mount (acrylic),Extruded bracket,Motor wires,Electronic box bottom plate (acrylic),LCD cable,Z-motor seat,USB cable,Screws kits,Small acrylic kits,Z-axis motor (with coupling),Extruder (assembled),Extrusion kits,Belt pulley kits ,LCD display (Assembled),Threaded Rod,X-axis & Y-axis motors (With Pulley),Handle,power cord,Mainboard,Aluminum profiles 2020,Aluminum profiles 2040 ,Aluminum profiles 2040,Aluminum Profile 2020,Extrusion motor(with gear)

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